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About Us –

AF Distributors is one the largest two-step distributors in the Western United States, supplying brick and mortar dealers with Fireplaces, Hearth Products, BBQ Grills, and Outdoor Heating Solutions.

AF Distributors was established in 2009 by Keith Richardson, President and Owner, originally focused on built-in BBQ Grills in the Phoenix Metro area. But the story doesn’t start there…

Two years prior, Keith ventured to Australia where he worked for Beefeater, an Australian Grill company located in Sydney. It was there that the spark of passion for barbecue grills was ignited. He brought this passion back with him to the US, and made Phoenix, AZ the epicenter.

As AF Distributors grew over the years, the evolution began as they expanded their product offerings to include Fireplaces, Outdoor Heating and Outdoor Kitchen products. Arizona Fireplaces, our sister company,  was a catalyst in giving AF Distributors a platform for immediate credibility, critical mass, and knowledge in the fireplace category, accelerating its growth. Our company also partnered with numerous Fireplace, Heating, and Grill manufacturers like IHP, Napoleon, Bromic and RH Peterson to provide its core dealer network with additional avenues to grow. Today we are standing strong with over 140,000 square feet of inventory and selling over 30 different industry-leading brands.

But since its inception, the heart of our company is always putting the dealers first. If we can help our dealers become more successful, the byproduct of their success will be our success.

  • Keith Richardson

Keith Richardson | President, Owner